What made this book on online dating so good, that it sold out....twice

The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating will give you an end-to-end formula for succeeding online. Written by the legendary Derek Cajun.


Older copies on the internet start at $127! WHY??

When I first released my book on online dating 3 years ago, it sold out in one week. We decided to do another run, and then the next run sold out again. I decided at that time to put another run on hold, until I could update the book and include EVERYTHING you need to know to master online dating, so that there were no gaps in the content.


Well the time has come and I've finally finished updating the book. The demand has been astounding, and I'm limiting the run again this time to avoid flooding the dating market and weaken some of the secrets in this book. You can see that second-hand copies of the original book sell for up to $250 on amazon. People have hoarded them because they knew it was only a limited run.

That's no photoshop, that's the price as of this writing. Feel free to see the page on amazon for yourself.

Why Does This Book Work?

  • A complete guide to setting up your online dating profile so that women contact YOU.
  • Works for all dating sites from match to eharmony to tinder.
  • Researched for over 6 years by a professional dating coach.
  • Which pictures to use, what kinds of messages to send, how to set up the date, how to ace the date. EVERYTHING is broken down.
  • Rated the #1 online dating book on the internet.
  • Instructions on how to make your profile unique to you, so that you never get called out for copy/pasting.
  • 100% Money back guarantee

"It's definitely the best guide to online dating on the market, and well worth the money."

Chris - Age 23

"As soon as I started reading this book I found glaring problems with my profile."

Hank - 39

I've been online dating for years and the gentleman's guide to online dating is genius. I just applied the very basic principals learned in the Guide for the very first time a few days ago. I emailed a SOLID 8 and got her phone number IN TWO EMAILS. This has never happened before and is no coincidence.

Nick - Age 43

Who is Derek Cajun and why should I listen to him?

3 Reasons:

  • He’s been teaching guys how to attract women, professionally, for 10 years. That’s right, he’s a real life hitch, and one of the most well respected in the industry.
  • He’s appeared on TV multiple times putting his money where his mouth is. He got called out about his ability on the reality show “Keys to the VIP” and after winning the show was humbly labeled by the judges as “The best guy we’ve ever seen….” and “The pinnacle…” in regards to his ability to attract women.
  • He spent 6 years writing and polishing this book before releasing it, and it represents thousands of hours spent into how to get the absolute most out of an online dating site. It literally covers everything from the first message to perfecting the date.
  • The Book was so effective WGN News Chicago brought Derek on the show to talk about it!

What You Get in The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating

  • Building your online dating profile

    Including how to target different types of women (as part of his research, Cajun had female volunteers browse profiles while he watched)

  • What sites to use based on your goals

    and why this decision is CRITICAL to your success

  • "Inner Game" for online dating

    what your mentality needs to be in order for success

  • Simple camera tricks

    Which can be used to add intrigue to your pictures

  • Which pictures to use

    And even more important, what pictures NOT to use (this will surprise you…)

  • What to say in that first message

    To get a response back (beautiful women get dozens of messages daily) including 3 paste-in templates

  • CUT-AND-PASTE messages

    You can use to move her off of the dating site and initiate facebook, IM or phone communication

  • FOUR mistakes that men make on their facebook profiles

    Learn how to make sure women don’t get turned off by your facebook profile

  • Real chat logs

    including PLUG-N-PLAY routines that you can try out tonight!

Buy the updated 2016 version of The Gentleman's Guide to Online Dating Today! Just $27!

Stop wasting time online and get your copy before it sells out again.

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Meet the Author

Derek Cajun

Derek has been a dating coach for the past 10 years at Love Systems: a company devoted to helping men by empowering them to live the life they want. They’ve been featured on CBS, the Dr. Phil show, Maxim and Fox news amongst others. Derek has taught men all over the world, from Ireland to Australia, and is the author of two products: The Gentleman’s Guide to Online Dating and Beyond Words: The Art of Body Language and Physical Escalation.